Our Mission is Your Business

Stoneworth provides mergers and acquisitions consulting services to aviation, energy, manufacturing, medical, and technology companies with revenues or enterprise values up to $500 million

Middle Market Investment Banking Services

  • Corporate Development
  • Sell-side Advisory
  • Growth Capital Assistance
  • Strategic Partner Search
  • Due Diligence Coordination
  • Offer Analysis
  • Digital Data Room Management
  • Buyer Qualification
  • Sales Memorandum Preparation
  • Market Valuation
  • Transaction Structuring
  • Buy-side Advisory
  • Financial Scenario Modeling
  • Management Buy Out Advisory
  • Ideal Target Hypothesis
  • SWOT Analysis

Our Team

Our team has experience in transactions with public and private companies, US and international counterparties, in a wide variety of industries, with values ranging from millions to hundreds of millions of dollars

Evan Betzer

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Charles Harris

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Garrett Ashmore

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Mitchell Tsai

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W. Vincent Fuller

In Memory | Bio

Corporate Development

Many Stoneworth clients have a long term interest in selling but have near term goals of increasing franchise value. Our process sensitizes clients to the drivers of franchise value, provides a baseline valuation, and establishes tools to smooth future transactions adding value in the meantime

Mergers & Acquisitions

Our experience, market understanding and extensive contacts drive the Target Hypothesis process which generates deal flow and offers clients the most efficient path to sourcing a transaction. Client time is better used running the company than creating an M&A process

The Toolbox

Our process includes the Stoneworth Business Assessment, the Stoneworth Baseline Valuation, the Target Hypothesis, the Teaser, the Management Presentation, the Stoneworth Virtual Vault and Stoneworth Scenario Analysis. These tools are valuable for one process, but even more valuable over multiple deals and the longer term

Financial Advisory

With extensive experience on both the buy-side and sell-side of transactions, Stoneworth has talked valuation from a number of angles using a myriad of metrics. Clients typically consider only one side, so tapping into Stoneworth's expertise unlocks a wealth of value

How We Work

1The first step is a Stoneworth Business Assessment, which relies upon client information and external research. The process includes a Stoneworth Baseline Valuation which highlights the a likely range and drivers of franchise value

2 The Ideal Target Hypothesis considers competitors, complementary players and financial conglomerates. As we prepare the Teaser and Management Presentation, we collect and review extensive company legal, organizational, and product information and organize a Stoneworth Virtual Vault digital data room

3Stoneworth contacts targets, assesses interest and elicits proposals. Once a partner is chosen, we manage the Stoneworth Virtual Vault and coordinate due diligence with the rest of the deal team. During the weeks and months of a process, Stoneworth keeps the transaction on track so that clients can focus on day-to-day business needs


    “Stoneworth made the difference for me on this opportunity, and allowed me to move forward confidently with an offer for the company, knowing that we had analyzed the deal accurately, identified all of the upside potential, and had arranged several avenues for funding of the outcome. In a sense, Stoneworth was my acquisition SWAT team.” — Greg Krause, Challenger Development, L.C.


    “[Stoneworth Financial] is the top in its industry. I can think of no other organization or advisor over the last five years who would not have advised me to swallow my pride and take a deal that would mean short term fees for [Stoneworth]. Long after this transaction, whether it goes through or not, we will continue our relationship with Stoneworth.” — Pete O’Heeron, President of NeoSurg Technologies


    “Stoneworth Financial was a fantastic resource for deal management, offer validation, and vetting the buyer… Once we got to the LOI stage, managing information flow through the Stoneworth Virtual Vault online data room was key to closing the deal in three weeks without a major disruption in my business… I am proud to be a repeat customer for Stoneworth Financial and look forward to working with you on my next deal.” –- Larry Steele, Owner of PPS Staffing


    “[Stoneworth Financial] is a good thought partner and can be very resourceful. [They] has a great professional network and [are]is very reliable.” – Chris Krummel, Enventure GT CFO


    “[The] Team at Stoneworth were great to work with and piloted this sale to a great finish!” – Jeff Williams, Co-Founder of Aspect Security, Inc.